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                                                                  NEWS 新聞

                                                                  Dream 2074! A utopia for French luxury

                                                                  Dream 2074! A utopia for French luxury. An international design competition proposed by the Comité Colbert and the Ensaama to the member institutions of the Cumulus association.

                                                                  The Comité Colbert, gathering 82 French luxury houses and 16 cultural institutions, and the Ensaama, a leading French art and design school, launch the competitionDream 2074! A utopia for French luxurywith the Cumulus association.

                                                                  Open only to institutions members of the Cumulus association, this competition invites to dream up the future of the French luxury sector in 2074. 

                                                                  Our school will select 3 design projects conceived by individuals or groups of students that will dream up the future of French luxury in 2074.

                                                                  In order to contaminate society with the radiant optimism of its utopia, the Comité Colbert has conceived a collective work that it is making available to everyone. The digital bookDreaming 2074: A Utopia Created by French Luxury(available for free here )is the fruit of a unique collaboration, rich with the visions of the firms that make up the Comité Colbert…The keywords of luxury no longer confine the spaces reserved for well-being. Quite the contrary. They express emotion and sensitivity, open space and sustainability with all the force of the momentary, requirement and respect, knowledge and action for the happiness of all. Almost three centuries ago, a young French revolutionary said that happiness was a “new idea in Europe”. Today, it has become a central idea in the world, as we approach the 22nd century of the Common Era. In 2074, despite the doomsayers, France is more than ever a source of joy for the entire planet…

                                                                  Drawing from this collective utopia, projects will show how French luxury can be still this source of joy in 2074.

                                                                  Winner(s) will be announced during the Cumulus conference in Rovaniemi, Finland. The winning institution will receive a prize of 5,000 euros.


                                                                  End of institution registration (entry form completed): 8thNovember 2018

                                                                  Deadline for project registration: 31stJanuary 2019

                                                                  The competition rules are available here: www.dreaming2074.com/competition/entry-form/

                                                                  瞭解比賽詳情 ,可查看附件及瀏覽官方網站。由於此次比賽僅接受Cumulus成員報名  ,不接受個人形式報名 ,請將參賽作品發送至郵箱liutt@jiangnan.edu.cn ,聯繫電話0510-85327865(劉老師)。