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                                                                  Reflections on Practice and Research


                                                                  Reflections on Practice and Research Lecture Topic: Reflections on Practice and ResearchSpeaker: Camilla GrothLecture Time: May 08, 2019, 13:30-16:00Lecture Add[...]

                                                                  Dreaming-Spacing• Lifestyle Design in the 3D Printing Age——2018Jiangnan University International Design Summer Schoo


                                                                  IDSS2018 was successfully held by School of design from June 20 to July 4 for two weeks. This summer school is designed to create an interdisciplinary practice [...]

                                                                  Jiangnan University Launched Experience Design Frontier Methodology and Technology Research Center Funded by Ministry of


                                                                  The launching ceremony of Experience Design Frontier Methodology and Technology Research Center (111Project) was grandly held at the lecture hall at School of D[...]

                                                                  EV3.0: Envisioning EV Mobility, Reshaping the Experience


                                                                  What if EV recharging is convenient like refueling? What makes it different if EV mobility enters mass market? How to perceive scenarios, experiences and lifest[...]

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